Opinion: Twaddle at play in poll

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A wise man once said there are two kinds of statistics, the kind you look up and those you make up.

The latter would appear to be at play in the poll which suggests the typical Sheffielder is a woman who enjoys nothing more than eating spinach pie, shopping at Fenn Wright Manson and watching the snooker.

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The nearest branch of the luxury clothes brand is in Manchester and let’s not even get started on the pie choice.

In South Yorkshire, those few who filled in the data for YouGov really went to town with the joke, claiming to love Midsomer Murders, model-building and tucking in to ortoran.

The fact The Star’s food writers didn’t even know what this was shows how unlikely it is to be on the table for tea in Treeton, Rotherham, tonight, unless one man out there has beaten the French ban on eating the rare songbird.

A few snippets from the poll rang true, such as our favourite bands being Arctic Monkeys and Pulp. And many of us probably do spend hours online.

Thankfully, our readers showed typical Sheffield spirit by having a good laugh, calling for a dash of Henderson’s and then branding it a ‘load of twaddle’. That sounds like a real fact.