OPINION: This action is welcome

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Any victim of burglary or car crime will know the misery these offences cause. There is little worse than knowing a criminal has been in your home, taken your belongings and left you to count the cost.

The damage is not only material, it is emotional.

Car crime is less personal but as much of an annoyance in that raiders often get nothing yet cause so much disruption. The aftermath of your car being broken into can be frustrating and costly.

Not surprisingly, these crimes make people seethe, which is why we are delighted to see the police taking a stance.

We are quick to criticise if the police are stalling on an issue, so it is right to praise what looks like decisive action.

Officers are making 10 arrests a day in a crackdown on burglary and car crimes as part of Operation K2.

The aim is to try to prevent an annual increase in crime in the city over the autumn months. This is traditionally when such crimes begin to increase so police want to create a ‘ring of steel’ around Sheffield which means known criminals are aware they are being targeted.

If this can be achieved by creating a climate of fear among offenders, then this crackdown will have been a success. And how pleasing to know the criminals are living in fear, not us.

At the same time, the police are launching a campaign to warn people of the signs of child sexual exploitation. This is a step in the right direction after it emerged police and council chiefs in Rotherham knew of sexual grooming for years but failed to take action.

That revelation cause much anger in the community which will take time to address, but a number of operations are now under way.

This at least is an acknowledgement that mistakes have been made. There is much still to be done on this issue and we can help the process.

If communities understand the signs of exploitation they can come forward with information to help stop such offences.

This is the sort of crime-fighting partnership which will benefit us all.