OPINION: The virtual battlefield

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Members of the Territorial Army’s Fourth Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, which has bases in Sheffield and Barnsley, are the first to use the Army’s new multi-million pound Combined Arms Tactical Trainer. That means they are fighting for their lives on a multi-million pound virtual battlefield. In an era where so many aspects of our lives are invaded by ‘technology for technology’s sake’ this seems like a great use of IT. The TA survives because of people giving their precious time voluntarily and the Army should do all it can to support them – whether on the ground or in cyberspace.

Friends and neighbours

Neighbours make all the difference to how you feel about your own home – whether they are good or bad. So what a smart move by social enterprise Neighbours Can Help, encouraging us all to lend a hand to those who live nearby. The aim of the scheme is to bring neighbours and local communities closer together. A simple gesture such as taking in a parcel or lending a cup of sugar could lead to a lifelong friendship. One thing is for sure, you are more likely to feel comfortable if your home is surrounded by friends. The idea is starting in S6 but is something every area of Sheffield, and indeed the country, would benefit from.

Make most of talents

The first Employability Summer Camp has been declared a success by Master Cutler Neil MacDonald. It is an initiative led by employers to help young people gain the knowledge, skills and aptitude that will put them first in the queue to take up opportunities for employment. It might not be a new idea but it is certainly one that is much needed in these tough times. The teenagers improve their chances of getting a good job and the bosses end up with more talented employees – a win win.