OPINION: Snooker is Sheffield

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I RECALL quite vividly one conversation I had with a very influential city leader as I took up my tenure as Sheffield Star Editor back in October last year.

Snooker is a vanity project for the unimaginative, she said. As far as Sheffield is concerned, its reputation would be better enhanced if it stepped away from what is essentially a hobby played out in smoky working-men’s clubs.

Far from enhance the city’s appeal on the world stage, hosting the snooker at Sheffield’s prestigious Crucible simply underlines that Sheffield hasn’t moved on from the 70s, she said.


Sheffield retains rights to Snooker World Championships

I was gobsmacked. At this point I should declare an interest: I have a soft spot for working men’s clubs having many a mis-spent hour of youth within their walls. I also love the snooker.

As far as I’m concerned, that a deal has been struck securing the showcase event until 2017 is great news.

Having the world’s media providing a global portal right into the heart of Sheffield is only a good thing. We’ve so much to offer that letting people see it, even for just a few days and weeks is key. I say well done to the snooker deal-makers.

by James Mitchinson, Editor