OPINION: Sheffield on the move

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Anyone who has been stuck in traffic on Penistone Road can only welcome the proposals to ease the flow of vehicles which have been announced today.

There’s nothing more frustrating for commuters than being caught in a queue while you’re on your way to and from work.

Some say that busy roads are the sign of a prosperous city. But when delays begin to impact businesses then something has to be improved.

Alongside the Parkway, Penistone Road is one of the most important roads for Sheffield.

In transport jargon they are described as ‘arteries’, which is a decent description because once blocked they can cause a serious problem.

It will be interesting to see how the new layout works. An additional bus lane and an increase from 30 miles per hour to 40 on a stretch from Infirmary Road to Capel Street are, on the face of it, good ideas.

One of the key points raised by Rob Prior, of the Sheffield Motorists Forum, is the knock-on effect around the inner ring road of a congested Penistone Road.

It can only help if Penistone Road does run more freely.

However, it’s vital that other parts of the transport infrastructure are factored in when work begins.

A new bottleneck may occur further along the network if preventative measures aren’t taken. There also has to be consideration given to walkers and cyclists.

Increasing speed limits may seem an obvious way of making traffic move more quickly but it can be counter-productive as drivers put their foot down before having to brake sharply as vehicles come to a halt in front.

The £5million scheme is expected to start in June and it is to be hoped that every effort will be made to use the long summer days and the school holiday period – when the roads are generally quieter – to get as much work done as possible.

Changes to the road system are always welcomed if they provide a significant improvement to the current situation.

Penistone Road is a very important route into and out of Sheffield. Any work done has to be a success.