OPINION: Sex on city Streets

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It’s the world’s oldest profession and stamping it out has taxed the authorities for hundreds of years.

We’re talking about prostitution. It’s currently an issue in up and coming Kelham Island, but it is something that causes concern across the county, most notably in Doncaster’s town centre “red ight” district.

Often it’s not just the sight of the sex workers on their streets that so upsets communities, it is the criminality associated with prostitution that they fear; drugs, pimping, trafficing,anti social behaviour, littering.

If you live in an area blighted by street prostitution you want it cleared up, understandably.

But it’s a complicated issue and there are no simple answers.

Arresting the women who ply their trade and their customers, while perhaps effective initially, is seldom a long term solution.

Tackling the reasons why the women are there - poverty, drug addiction or organised crime - must be part of the solution, along with helping them build different lives.

This is behind-the-scenes work that is clearly going on, but perhaps people living in the affected areas ought to be made more aware of it.