OPINION: Reporter or terrorist?

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Shocking footage emerged of five burly cops attempting to force a protesting pensioner to the floor.

But we may never have been able to show you what happened yesterday, after an official forced our reporter to delete footage from his mobile phone.

It was only thanks to an eagle-eyed member of the public that the one-sided tussle can be seen, and The Star is calling for a full investigation as to why our man was forced to erase the footage.

Alex said: “I felt intimidated when threatened under terrorism laws. I know that ordinarily I would need permission, but this was an extraordinary situation and in my view, one which was my duty and in the public interest to report on.

“When I continued to film, I was warned it could lead to my arrest and my details taken.

“I was told the station is private property.”

British Transport Police said the officer was part of Northern Rail, and Alex has lodged an official complaint with the rail firm for it to investigate.

Northern Rail told The Star: “Under no circumstances are Northern Rail employees to be filmed without prior agreement from the Northern Rail press office.”

By Alex Evans