Opinion: People to be proud of

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It’s a fair bet that if there was a survey of what people love most about Sheffield the top answer would be the people.

Every day The Star reports on what’s happening in our great city. Sometimes it’s not all good news, and there are stories in today’s paper that truly shock you to the core.

But more often than not there are items that give you a warm glow.

Take Catherine Leicester who has turned an incredible 105 years old and puts the secret of her long life down to a splash of brandy in her tea and coffee.

Catherine was born in the days of King Edward VII – Queen Elizabeth II’s great-grandfather –before the outbreak of World War One and, as an avid sports fan, can probably remember when Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday last won the FA Cup in 1925 and 1935 respectively.

Her life must have been a fascinating one and we can only wonder at the changes she has seen.

So, congratulations to Catherine and also to two others in today’s paper who are doing remarkable things.

First is 23-year-old Tom Stoker who has had seven operations to remove a brain cyst and rare tumour at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

Despite this Tom went on to complete his English literature degree at Sheffield University and collected an academic prize.

And next month Tom, who has been left with reduced mobility in his right side, is to take on a fresh challenge by joining the Head Start run for charity Neurocare at Rother Valley Country Park.

Staying with the theme of charity Claire Thompson of Norton will run her first ever race on Sunday when she takes part in the Sheffield Half Marathon.

Claire, aged 35, has lost an incredible 13 stones and will be raising money for Support Dogs – a charity which trains disability assistance dogs.

These are just three examples of people who make Sheffield special.

It’s very easy to look at the negative aspects of life but when you read the stories of Catherine, Tom and Claire you can’t help but admire their spirit.