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The power of Star readers should never be underestimated.

It was a letter on this very page which first brought attention to the decision to move Big Issue seller John Harman from his usual patch outside the busy Tesco supermarket off Ecclesall Road.

It spurred customers and councillors on to take action. 
More letters were written, protests were made, and we are happy to report today that John has returned to the entrance of the store, where he has been selling the Big Issue for six years, as a result of the publicity.

Some might say the debacle is one which could have been entirely avoided with a simple conversation.

Whatever went on behind the scenes, common sense has now prevailed and John is able to support his family once again.

That was something he could not achieve from an area which was nearby, but had nowhere near as much passing trade, and was removed from the regular customers who enjoy seeing him on their trips.

Many people might believe that writing a letter to a newspaper would have no impact on the grand scheme of things.

But John’s case shows that every little helps.