Opinion: Our dreams for the City

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Today is Martin Luther King Day. And to honour the memory of the famous civil rights leader whose iconic ‘I have a dream...’ speech was a rallying call to millions of Americans during the fight for equality for black Americans we asked Sheffielders what their dreams are for their home town in 2014.

The Bishop of Sheffield begins with a plea for fairness, for his city to become the fairest in the UK. That sentiment of course echoes very well Dr King’s pleas for black Americans to be treated the same as their white countrymen.

It’s a sad reality that more than half a century after Dr King’s impassioned rhetoric we still live in an unfair world.

Sheffielders had noble wishes that all of us would support; seeking peace in an increasingly unstable world, and finding a cure for cancer. Ending food poverty is perhaps a surprising wish in the 21 century, but it’s a real and growing problem.

Free cake, as one respondent suggested on social media, is perhaps only part of the answer!

Today we also feature a Sheffield mum’s brave stance against ‘body fascism’, where body image is seen as the most important facet of a woman. Amazingly, after the long battles fought by the 1970s feminist trailblazers, women are still judged by their looks. It’s a real threat to young women, to their mental, as well as physical health, their self-worth - and their aspirations.

We live in a world where a four-times Olympic medallist and a real role model – as well as a lovely, unassuming young woman – was made to feel worthless because she didn’t have the face and figure of a model. Becky Adlington’s name, and her achievements, will be remembered for decades. Good luck to the models, but their fame will last for 15 minutes.

On an upbeat note, there are lots of exciting things on the horizon for Sheffield, not least the Tour de France - our wish is for a successful year.