Opinion: Making most of outdoors

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Any doubt about Sheffield’s credentials as being the ‘outdoor capital’ of the UK has been shredded by a new report into the boost recreation gives to the city.

Research shows that it gives the city a £53 million injection every year plus more on top through local firms selling outdoor equipment.

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The study from the Sport Industry Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University – which is itself a credit to the city – confirms in numbers what most people already know: we live in an incredible part of the country for going outdoors.

It is difficult to claim credit for being situated next to some of the United Kingdom’s most stunning scenery and features that are ideal for outdoor sports, but let’s try anyway.

While our geographical location may be down to chance there is nothing lucky about the hard work local businesses put in to attract customers.

Also, there are many beautiful parts of the country to compete with but the warmth of welcome given by Sheffielders has meant many one-time visitors are now residents.

The city must use this report to increase our standing further and generate even more income.

Let’s not be shy about telling the world what we’ve got.