OPINION: Make the most of our libraries

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In the days before TV in every room and a mine of information at our fingertips libraries used to be one of the hubs of community life.

And, actually, there’s no reason why they can’t be that again.

There’s a great willingness across South Yorkshire to keep libraries going.

People have skills and time to devote to the cause and we should capitalise on that.

But we’ve got to move with the times, give people what they want.

These large, well-situated buildings can accommodate a range of services for families.

Parents can bring children in for story sessions, then pop to see a health visitor.

Older people can access a one-stop council shop after they’ve picked up the latest thriller or spent time learning how to use a computer.

Teenagers can do homework, then join a cookery class.

Look at how Waterstones has succeeded by adding coffee shops to encourage people to spend more time in store, so why not add cafes to the mix?

Anything that brings communities together is a great idea.