OPINION: Make scum fight for us

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That’s how the mother of a man killed whilst on duty in Afghanistan has described the plunderers of her son’s Sheffield grave.

It doesn’t convey the level of disgust the right-thinking person will feel towards these grave robbers.

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This is the resting place of a man who – at 20 years old was just a boy – gave his life defending our liberty.

The irony being that his willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice whilst defending our shores gives thieving scumbags the freedom to do as they please.

Christopher Bridge’s little plot in Shiregreen Cemetery is all that his family has left of their hero. Indeed, every one of those graves therein are all countless families have left of their lost loved ones.

So how do the thieving vacuous amoebas that lurk under cover of darkness repay his valour?

By pilfering cherished belongings left by his loved ones in order to flog them at the car boot so they can keep their pipeline of vices primed.

Our prisons are full and our cash-strapped armed forces need more and more reservist volunteers.

I say we catch these wasters, give them over to the Chief of Defence Staff, furnish them with hobnail boots and an SA80 replete with bullets, and send them to the front line!

by James Mitchinson, Editor