OPINION: Lock up this coward

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So is this what society, what Sheffield has become – a place where women are beaten by men in the early hours – in public?

A place where anyone who should have the temerity to challenge men who beat women in public will be savagely rounded upon, and hospitalised?

How can it be that a young man and his mother now feel trapped by fear in their own home because of one abhorrent creature?

Kyle Woodward, who we have decided to place on the front page in order to acknowledge his selfless courage, should receive a police bravery award.

Kyle, 25, just wants the police to catch whoever beat him senseless to be punished and locked up.

Doing the right thing is a basic principle of being a good person, but if people are afraid to stand up to mob rule for fear of their personal safety then Sheffield will become a very dark place indeed.

For the good of the reputation of this city, as one of the safest on the planet, Kyle’s attacker must be brought to justice.

If you were that woman being battered, you owe it to Kyle to tell police who that man is.

You owe it to the city to put this coward before the magistrates.

by James Mitchinson