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Back in the day you slipped comfortably into old age long before you hit your half century.

Now 50 is the new thirty and 70 is the new 50; age is definitely just a number.

Just take a look at what Michael Palin - now 71 - has to say today.

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Getting older doesn’t bother him and he’s looking forward to some new challenges.

Mind you, he’s learned some lessons along the way; he fits in a couple of runs a week and he watches what he drinks.

He’s not the only “senior” giving the young ’uns a run for their money. Silver surfers and grey panthers are out there showing that you’re never to old to learn - and also if you don’t use it you lose it!

That’s the key of course, moving out of the comfort zone of pipe and slippers that beckons.

Our older generation still have much to offer, in the workplace, the home, extended families and society at large where they are often the mainstay of community groups and charities.

There’s more information than ever about how to stay fit and healthy into older age.

Plenty of schemes - Age Well Sheffield is a good example- help people face the challenges of ageing.

Live life - whatever your age.