OPINION: Let’s talk housing

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The right-to-buy council houses scheme was supposed to liberate tenants who wanted to own their homes..

But in 2015, the scheme is being blamed for creating a housing crisis in Sheffield.

So how can this be? The theory was great. You wanted to own your home and were offered it at a cheap rate.

The reality is that the houses sold are not being replaced and there are still thousands on the waiting lists.

So Sheffield Council has sold 672 council houses since 2009, despite at least 8,000 people waiting for and bidding on council houses every year.

Inevitably, there is a blame game. A housing association boss says the Government is undermining social housing.

No doubt the Government will say Sheffield is not managing its stock properly.

This tit-for-tat exchange is no consolation to those on the waiting list with little prospect of getting a home.

Whatever your political persuasion, the right to a decent home is a basic.

Government and council must work together to ensure this is met. In other words, more constructive debate, please, and less tiresome point scoring.

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