Opinion: Keeping city on the move

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On the face of it motorists in Sheffield spending more than a quarter of their journey time stuck in traffic seems pretty bad.

New figures released by navigation firm TomTom show Sheffield is the 11th worst city in the UK for traffic congestion.

The analysis shows an overall average increase of 26 per cent to travel times in Sheffield, compared to free-flowing traffic conditions.

This rose to a 54 per cent increase during the evening rush hour.

Overall, Sheffield drivers with a 30-minute commute face a 77-hour delay every year.

However, despite increases in traffic the actual congestion levels have remained the same.

More can be done. Public transport services need to be continually improved and priced at a level which makes them an easy alternative to the car.

Anecdotally business leaders will say that traffic jams, like cranes on a city skyline, point to a resurgent economy.

That may be so. But it has to be an issue that is tried to be kept under control.

A busy, bustling city will have its fair share of congestion. It’s called the rush hour for a reason.

In everyone’s interests, though, ideas should be reviewed regularly to combat it.