Opinion: Just braindead idiots

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HAHAHA let’s all have a good laugh as a minibus goes up in flames – after all, it’s just a bit of scrap metal. Nobody will miss it will they?

And anyhow, if they can afford to buy one £20,000 minibus they can afford to buy another. And what use is it anyway?
Well in actual fact, the minibus in question is an absolute lifeline to pensioners from Gleadless Valley, Lowedges, Jordanthorpe, Batemoor and beyond. 
There are 70 OAPs who rely on that vehicle. It is not an overstatement to call it a lifeline for them. The people who did this saw just another target for them to torch in order to satisfy their twisted lust. But what of the elderly and vulnerable who they have just cut off from the rest of society?
The senior citizens who will now have to sit at home in isolation at the time of the week when they are supposed to be laughing and joking, and generally having a good time with their friends. Inevitably that leads to sadness at first, and as clinical depression sets in, who knows how low a person can get?
God forbid but there are some people, even in a modern society like ours, who become so lonely that they give up on life and perish. If that were to happen to one of the people who use this service as a result of its loss then someone out there will have blood on their hands.
It is even more upsetting that someone deemed the need of these pensioners so great that they gave them the Transit van out of the goodness of their hearts, so not only has a Ford been reduced to ashes, but so too the amazing gesture made by Dr Chai Patel – the ‘Secret Millionaire’ who presented the gift.
And all that is without mentioning the safety and wellbeing of the people who thought a bomb had gone off in their street, such was the force of some of the explosions. They now fear that their belongings will be next in line for destruction, and are understandably living in fear for their safety. I just hope they’re caught and jailed, for everybody’s sake.
by James Mitchinson, Editor