OPINION: job schemes are working

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We are always impressed by people who take action rather than complain when the chips are down.

So praise is due to Kerry Ingram and Scott Dixon who were out of work for years but refused to give up.

And when their opportunity knocked, they took a chance by going into business together.

The couple’s game-changing moment came when their local sandwich shop Valley Snax in Gleadless Valley went up for sale.

Kerry took the owners’ advice to buy the shop and thanks to help from Sheffield Council’s young entrepreneur’s fund and Gleadless Valley Community Forum, they got a plan together.

Business is booming, which is just reward for the couple’s determination.

And their life-work balance is good because being self-employed means the pair can juggle shifts between caring for their children.

This couple prove that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well.

They also demonstrate the value of investing in bodies which offer practical help to young people.

And that is much needed because there are far too many 18-25 year olds with little or no hope.

Sadly, this area has more than its fair share of those neither in education nor training.

And if we fail to offer them a way out, they will remain hopeless.

So we should credit the council’s entrepreneur fund and the community forum for giving this couple a chance.

Let us hope such bodies continue to get the funding they need to do such a valuable job.

It’s too easy to dismiss their work and view them as a luxury rather than a necessity.

There are plenty of critics in these austere times, but communities like Gleadless Valley and others in this city need ways of encouraging their young people.

We hope the entrepreneur fund and community forums are allowed to continue their efforts. Just ask Kerry Ingram and Scott Dixon whether they work.