Opinion: Is 17 the right age to drive?

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The figures we reveal today about the number of under-18s caught by police for driving offences in South Yorkshire are eye-opening.

They also lead to a discussion on a wider issue about what should be the age you are allowed to have a full driving licence?

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Brake, the road safety charity, points out road crashes are still the biggest killer of young people in the UK.

Also, less than one in 12 drivers are under-25, yet one in five fatal and serious injury crashes involve a driver of this age.

It’s common sense that the more experience you have with driving the better you should become.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so maybe it is a lack of experience, rather than age, that skews these figures somewhat.

However, is 17 really a sensible age to hand someone the keys to a potentially lethal machine?

Of course, many teenagers are sensible, careful drivers and others – two or three times their age – are dangerous and reckless.

Would raising the driving age to, say, 21 years old make that much of a difference to young people’s lives?

Should it stay at 17, with more stringent testing, or even leap to 25?

It is a debate worth having.