OPINION: Ingle Fights another day

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Ingle Fights another day

There are people in this city who epitomise the spirit of Sheffield and the way we would like outsiders to see us.

Brendan Ingle is one of them.

Talented, tireless, dedicated with a hint of stubbornness and a refusal to be swayed by the negative forces that challenge us every day.

For 50 years Brendan has been training boxers and coaching young men and women in the skills of life.

He and his sons have rescued more fragile lives than anyone can know with their no-nonsense approach and a system of fitness and co-ordination training developed by Brendan known as ‘the lines’.

They have also produced four world, six European, 15 British and six Commonwealth champions.

Over the weekend Brendan and his family had a scare when the 73-year-old was taken into hospital apparently suffering from a stroke.

Thankfully it was a more manageable problem. The Star has long had a special affection for his work, the inspiration he gives to some of our most troubled kids and for the credit his attitude and professionalism bring to his adopted city.

The Star salutes you Brendan and wishes you many more years of good health as you continue your work. Here are a few of our readers’ comments on Twitter, Facebook and the Star website.

Sue West

“It was lovely to meet you when you came as a guest for Prince Charles’ 50th Birthday in 1998 . You have been an inspiration to many young people & you have turned their lives around!...So I just want to wish you a speedy recovery.”


“Fantastic news, welcome back Brendan. Best wishes for a complete, speedy recovery.”

Pugsey Owl

“I am from Brightside so you’re a Legend to us, you get back healthy and STAY healthy, you’ve got plenty of people to care for you,the world would be a sadder place without Brendan....”


“Brilliant news. He was never going to give in without a fight, having instilled fighting qualities in so many boxers. Sheffield’s communities could all do with a Brendan Ingle.”