OPINION: Hs2 must help out residents

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The HS2 project is set to be a major part of our lives throughout the proposal and development stages.

So it must be hoped that during this process the people who the scheme will affect in a direct way are listened to.

If you live in a house on Greasbro Road in Tinsley then you have every right to demand this from politicians as every property on the road has been earmarked for demolition for the multi-billion pound high speed rail scheme.

Under the current route proposals, due to be approved towards the end of this year, Sheffield’s new HS2 station will be based at Meadowhall – meaning the 60 homes need to be removed.

It may seem a long time away with building not starting until 2022 at the earliest, and trains not due to begin running on the new line until the early 2030s but plenty has to be sorted before then.

Arguments for and against HS2 have already been laid out by the opposing sides. However, it is vital that economic considerations aren’t allowed to trample over the lives of people who have homes on the proposed route.

It is important that compensation packages are agreed that allow for the least amount of disruption, should the project become a reality.