OPINION: How did nobody notice crossing confusion?

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It is all too easy to see how anyone could be knocked down at the new crossing on Penistone Road.

Its layout means walkers waiting at one crossing are given the green light and told to go by a signal box that faces them, but actually controls the crossing next to it.

From childhood, everyone is taught to trust the green man.

They wait for him and then they walk.

But if they did this here, a car could still be coming - and it wouldn’t be the driver’s fault, because they also have a green light up ahead.

This is all on the second busiest road in Sheffield.

Concerned Matt Turner says this is the most dangerous signalised crossing he has ever seen - a claim that is hard to dispute.

It is welcome that the council is already looking at this problem and acknowledges the layout ‘could be confusing.’

Urgent action needs to be taken.

What isn’t so easy to see however - and what council bosses need to examine - is how this wasn’t noticed before.

The people who design highways schemes are experts.

Yet looking at this you could almost imagine they had never crossed a road in their life.

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