OPINION: Help restore hero’s Grave

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Todays’s front page tells a shocking tale – one the people of this city can simply not ignore.

Alfred Broughton, a genuine war hero who defied fear, pain and death itself was awarded the second-highest military honour the army was able to give in 1917 when he and his commanding officer fought the Germans with fists and pistol butts on the front line in France.

Today we remember the dead and wounded of that terrible war on an almost weekly basis.

But this hero’s grave is a disgrace to this city and this country. And so far no-one is willing to do anything about it.

His wife who had to sell his medal to keep and feed herself after the war is buried with him.

How can a city like Sheffield in a country like Britain stand by and allow such a man and his memory be left this way?

Come on Sheffield, let’s put this right.

It will cost an estimated £1,000 to £2,000 for the grave to have a new headstone and kerbs and for a man who risked everything for his country to be able to rest in dignity with his long-suffering wife.

Anyone or any groups who might be able to help with donations or suggestions should contact the Star’s editor at james.mitchinson@jpress.co.uk