Opinion: Help end the nightmare

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The Cryer family are stuck in a nightmare that is seemingly never-ending.

Their six-year campaign for justice for their teenage son, Matthew, who died after being thrown down a flight of stairs on his first solo holiday abroad, has seen them face hurdle after hurdle.

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They battled against not only the Greek authorities but also their own government, whose lack of support for a family in need has been quite staggering.

Just when they thought they had made progress in getting some justice for Matt, they’ve been dealt a body blow and treated with an unbelievable lack of respect.

Not only have those accused of “exposure to harm” been cleared, but the Cryers had to wait 19 days to be told the verdict - and then it was in Greek.

Their treatment shows a shocking lack of common decency and a complete absence of empathy for a family in the throes of a heartbreaking tragedy.

But the Cryers will fight on, pressing for a judicial review.

They are determined to get to the truth of what happened that night in Zakynthos. They deserve nothing less.

The Star continues to support them - but their government should too.