OPINION: Good to be green

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There are many reasons why people love living in Sheffield.

And way up there is the greenery, trees in particular.

Threats to the treescape caused uproar last year, leading to one of our biggest postbags.

It is very clear that residents think that it is the swathes of green that make our city a very special environment.

Thankfully, trees felled through disease or danger are being replaced.

And now comes news of a scheme to plant thousands of trees across the city, creating new woodlands at 17 sites for locals to enjoy.

We can all head to the gym, but a walk, run or bike ride in the open air gives a double whammy of exercise plus boosting the mood-lifting hormones.

Kids too love nothing better than getting back to nature playing in the great outdoors.

Sheffield has already been voted the UK’s Outdoor Capital for its urban landscape, proximity to spectacular countryside and number of active people living here.

Adding to the green canopy can only enhance this reputation.

Creating the new woodlands isn’t particularly expensive, yet it will certainly boost the feelgood factor for residents.