OPINION: Fighting for those in need

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Today’s Action Desk is the second one I have been involved in and highlights exactly why the page is so important.

Former soldier James Squires and his mother Louise did not know what to do when the Department of Work and Pension was holding back some benefits he was entitled to.

I got involved and spoke with the DWP and Louise, helped to explain to explain the situation to the opposing party. After a few days and various calls, James was given some of his money and Louise now knows what to do to get the remaining cash.

This story is exactly what The Star likes to get involved in - fighting for people who have nowhere else to turn.

For decades we have been helping readers who have reached the end of their tether trying to sort out problems with scammers, faceless big business, local authorities or shops big and small.

The Star is proud to use its clout to right wrongs and help and get results and successes.

Action Desk also plays a role in alerting the public to scams designed to fleece them of their hard earned.

I’m proud to be part of it and will continue the tradition of fighting for what is right.

By Sam Jackson,

Action Desk Reporter