OPINION: Expectations too great?

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We are increasingly demanding customers these days.

University students are customers demanding better value for their tuition fees, and even prison inmates are referred to as “customers”.

And, as customers are wont to do, we are quick to complain when things aren’t to our liking.

Complaints against South Yorkshire Police have risen.

One reason is that we can now complain about aspects of how the police operate, not just the conduct of individual officers.

And of course there will be some of us who think we can do their job better than the force.

On occasions we might be right.

But despite recent failings – child sexual exploitation, the ongoing Hillsborough inquest – most of us still trust the police and believe they do a good job overall.

Our expectations are high because we still boast one of the finest police services in the world.

When they fall short, either individually or collectively, we are shocked, and may complain, because we have come to expect a first class service.

With more pressures and fewer resources delivering that service is increasingly difficult – but they are trying.