Opinion: Evil scum repulse me

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Forcing a fellow human being to lie in starving squalor on the floor of a garage for six weeks, punctuating the imprisonment with serious physical and psychological assaults, whilst dishing out demeaning acts of slavery: not a prelude to a to a dark Hollywood movie, but a snapshot of modern-day life in Sheffield.

Craig Kinsella, 34, was subjected to the kind of cruelty today’s society cannot comprehend. When a neighbour eventually alerted the police, the victim, who is considered vulnerable due to his learning difficulties, was emaciated, battered, bruised, and nursing a broken arm. Watching the CCTV footage back is very difficult, showing a trio of people who can only be described as sub-human. Commenting on the CCTV footage, an online reader calling herself ‘Mrs MDB’ said: “Having just watched some of the CCTV footage (I am unable to watch it all) I am feeling so angry, upset and cannot believe this behaviour has gone on for so long! The footage says it all and no-one can possibly justify this. The fact that the family members just sit/stand and watch and even join in is beyond belief. These low-life vile scum deserve a life of misery, pain and hell.....lets hope they receive it all in prison!” Police said that a neighbour told them the now imprisoned David, Donna and Jamie Rook of Halifax Road in Parson Cross had treated their victim ‘like a dog’. As a dog owner, and having seen the footage - which the Rookes were stupid enough to capture on their own CCTV security system - of the crimes, I cannot for one moment imagine treating my dog with such heinous barbarism. Judge Peter Kelson QC summed it up for me. He said: “Man’s inhumanity to man never ceases to shock. It is staggering that this has been happening in our society. Absolutely staggering. It’s almost unbelievable.” I only hope that Mr Kinsella can overcome his ordeal, and gets all the help and support he needs. I also hope the Rookes’ spells in prison are very uncomfortable indeed.