OPINION: Enough is enough

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ALMOST 50 years ago to the day, a photograph was returned to the Sheffield Star from the streets of Attercliffe by a staff photographer. In his caption he wrote: ‘coloureds arrive in Sheffield’.

He may as well have written: The Aliens Have Landed. I can just picture him standing agog at the sight before him: was he being racist when he penned his caption? Absolutely not. He probably thought long and hard about the ‘correct’ term for the people he saw.

Flash forwards 50 years and Page Hall is now being ‘invaded by aliens’ again. Tolerance is low and tensions are running high.

Looking at the video footage and photographs obtained by The Star, with police helicopters circling, officers lining the streets, cordons in place and ambulances on stand-by, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were observing conflict from the Ukraine crisis.

Well today I, and the Sheffield Star, are declaring: Enough Is Enough. Someone is going to be killed on the streets of Page Hall unless action is taken now.

by James Mitchinson,


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