OPINION: Cuts sting to continue

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get much worse - Sheffield is about to be hit by another £108.8 million in cuts over the next five years. That means spending will be slashed every year until at least 2019, on top of the fact we already have four years of cuts behind us. So hundreds more jobs are at risk, services which every one of us uses will be gripped by the drastic hand of reduction if they are to survive and we could all see a rise in council tax. However you wrap that up, it is going to hurt. As yet we have no idea where the axe will fall, who will suffer most or when we will see a glimmer of light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. Somehow the city will make its way through the latest round of challenges, but might we be forgiven for wondering if the playing field we are balanced on is truly level?

Leading the global way

Sheffield City Region has been singled out for praise by none other than the Lord Mayor of London Alderman Roger Gifford. He described the city as a global leader in the field of manufacturing, setting the standard in design and manufacturing. Spot on. We maintain our international reputation for quality against all the odds and remain fiercely proud of the items, people and ideas which are Made In Sheffield. Since the comments were made at the Forfeit Feast it seems apt to raise a toast - to Sheffield!

young voice is a winner

The younger generation complains nobody listens to them while the rest of us are often far too quick to criticise today’s teens. So how fantastic that Sheffield Young Advisors have scooped two national awards by giving youngsters a voice and acting on their ideas. It only goes to show what can happen when we stop jumping to conclusions, refuse to accept the stereotypes and take a little time out to listen to each other.