OPINION: Credit the good cops

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There cannot be a Chief Constable in the land under more pressure than South Yorkshire’s David Crompton.

The Rotherham Child Sex Exploitation scandal has already publicly exposed his force as failing in its duty. Over 1,400 sex abuse victims are pleading for answers, yet few are forthcoming.

And now Mr Crompton’s own Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings has criticised the force for daring to hold a celebration for its officers – right in the centre of Rotherham – after South Yorkshire Police took to Facebook to crow about its back-slapping do in the heart of the community that has been subjected to what looks like South Yorkshire’s biggest EVER cover-up. The newly appointed PCC blasted the force as ‘misguided’, and refused to have any sympathy for its management as public vitriol on social media reached fever pitch.

But... and nobody is fearlessly pursuing the truth in all of this quite like The Star... but, the officers acknowledged that night fully deserve it. Some of them put their lives on the line for you and I. They are as disgusted by the Rotherham CSE scandal as we all are.

Don’t begrudge good officers a night of credit where it is due. We need good cops more than ever.

by James Mitchinson