OPINION: Council nods Ikea through

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GOODNESS gracious, great Swedish meatballs of fire - Ikea has been given the nod by town hall suits at long last!

Ironically, the news hits Sheffield Star HQ on the day that we held our very first business networking event.

At that event a well-respected Sheffield business leader – and he’ll know who he is when he reads this – said that Sheffield was one of the most difficult councils to do business with in the country when it comes to getting a development through the planning process.

He alluded to dealings he’d had with Leeds and Manchester we he suggested there was welcome sign on the door, rather than one that read ‘beware of the planning dogs.’

He surreptitiously added that he might be best placed to keep his voice down, as Sheffield City Council’s new head of communications was in the room.

But no spin doctor on earth could send out a clearer message than they have done in giving Ikea the green light. It will bring 700 jobs to the people who need them, and tell everyone that Sheffield is well and truly open for business!

by James Mitchinson