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While no Member of Parliament’s seat is greater than any others it is natural that a large amount of attention will be focused on the Sheffield Hallam constituency during the run up to May’s general election.

Deputy Prime Minister and MP for Sheffield Hallam Nick Clegg has been at the heart of the current government and has also been a lightning rod for some of the coalition’s most controversial policies.

So it is pleasing that we are able to bring Mr Clegg and the five other candidates for his seat together to be questioned by Star readers.

The debate, which is planned to take place in March in Sheffield, will be your chance to ask questions to any of the six people who are standing in Sheffield Hallam.

Maybe the debate will help make up your mind which way you’ll vote, although, interestingly, a survey for The Star found that 60 per cent of 320 people questioned said they had decided which party they would vote for three months before polling day.

And 90 per cent, said they would cast a vote.

Health, immigration and economic policies were the most important issues, which may provide food for thought for the candidates.

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