OPINION: Bus numbers looking good

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Good news on the buses – journey numbers have increased in the 18 months since the start of the Sheffield Bus Partnership.

Passengers have made an extra 740,000 bus journeys around the city since the launch of the partnership designed to improve services and total passenger journeys have gone up from 86.03 million to 86.77 million.

However, it’s not all positive with the number of young and elderly people travelling with concessions has dropped – something attributed to an increase in the child concessionary fare and Government changes to the national scheme for free off-peak journeys for senior citizens.

Public transport is a vital part of Sheffield’s infrastructure and,while these figures are welcome they should just be a starting point to keep improving the network.

People use buses and other forms of public transport through necessity. The basics of reliability, punctuality, convenience and cost need to be continually assessed.

Now that bus journey numbers are on the up transport bosses should use this confidence in their service to get even better. Buses are easy to criticise when things go wrong so it is good to report on successes such as this.