OPINION: AA lifeline for teenAGERS

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Family life is not always a bed of roses.

The stresses and strains of modern life can take its toll on even the most solid of family units.

Throw into the mix of job worries, making ends meet and the usual pressures of raising children the demons of drink and drugs and you have a recipe for breakdown.

Young children, too small to take matters into their own hands, are increasingly the victims in these situations, as the rising figures of neglect and abuse are testament to.

For teenagers and young adults who find themselves caught up in domestic drama fleeing the nest is , on the face of it, an easier option.

But the path to independence is often not smooth, especially when a young person bears the scars from an unsettled home life.

This is where organisations such as Roundabout are invaluable.The practical help they provide when a young person finds themselves homeless can be life-saving, But the emotional support too can be just as valuable.

To know that people care, provide a shoulder to cry on, a source of sound, sensible advice – these things will help a young person stand on their own feet and put behind them a bad start in life.