Opinion: A woman to inspire all

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Star journalists get to see it all: from royal bloodlines to humble farmhands, a Star journalist’s lot is broad brush, to say the least.

Then take one of the newsroom stalwarts – in this instance, Digital Editor Graham Walker – and you’ve got someone who has met every superstar celebrity who has ever been to Sheffield – in fact, they have to call HIM to ask for an appointment.

As a result of his penchant for pop culture icons, he’s not often bowled over by very much at all – he takes it all in his stride.

But when he met small-screen favourite Katherine Kelly, Graham bounded in to my office overwhelmed.

You see, the Yorkshire Woman of 2013 accolade winner showed a salt-of-the-earth side that aptly proved why she is held in such high regard.

Despite all the pressures of carving out a successful career, no doubt working flat-out to make her dream job a, erm, dream job, the 33-year-old former Coronation Street star rolled up her sleeves to help stitch pom-poms onto costumes at a charity-run theatre in her home town.

That’s despite being in demand for her role in Mr Selfridge and to her delight, being on the road to becoming a mum for the first time.

And that little anecdote just made me consider how many other women there are in Yorkshire and indeed Sheffield who are cracking on with their own little dream – driving Sheffield forward, procuring investment and building a reputation.

So I would like to hear from Sheffielders who are, or know of an inspirational woman –be it in business or otherwise.

This city is proud of the historic legacy bestowed upon it by the Women of Steel, but that moniker must not be thought of as an historic label of a bygone era: it should represent a state of mind for the female population’s contribution in the here and now.

It should become synonymous with aspiration, pride and ambition.

It should be made a mould from which more Katherine Kellys can be forged.