OPINION: A true role model

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The definition of courage and resilience can be written in two words: Ben Parkinson.

Who can forget the sight of the UK’s most seriously injured surviving soldier slowly making his way, torch held aloft, through crowds, some cheering, many crying, through the streets of his home town during the Olympic relay?

The watching millions around the world were as moved by this young man’s sheer determination and force of will as we in his home county have been since he began his long road to recovery after that Helmand landmine blast eight years ago.

Ben has now entered a new phase of his recovery, with treatment that has resulted in some startling improvements to both his speech and his ability to walk.

This treatment has been funded by Pilgrim Bandits, the charity for which Ben is both an ambassador and tireless fundraiser.

Even when battling against difficulties that would defeat most of us, Ben is also keen to help other wounded comrades.

Forget highly-paid preening footballers. Dismiss famous-for-nothing-much celebrtities. Here is your role model.

And let’s not forget his indefatigible mum Diane, tireless in her support.