Opinion: A night to be very proud

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As I write this leader column I am gearing up for the Sheffield Business Awards, to be held at Ponds Forge in the city.

The event is a partnership between Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and The Star and will be an irresistible collection of some of the most enterprising individuals operating in the Sheffield City Region.

No doubt there will be a few sore heads amongst those who were at this huge celebration of entrepreneurial brilliance, but there will also be a selection of very proud winners who will deserve every accolade coming their way.

The Star has chosen to specifically support the category: Digital Communication Award.

For anyone who doesn’t know, www.star.co.uk is attracting 40-50,000 people a DAY – every day!

As a manager I am looking to support and nurture my staff into one of the most exciting growth spurts this media centre has ever been through.

We’re growing our online audience at a rate we’d never dreamed of, and we’ve barely scratched the surface.

For that reason we admire the work being done by Rckt – the winners of the category.

Their now eight-strong team is but a baby in age terms when compared to The Star, but the power of the creative force coming from their Steel City HQ has been enough to get the likes of Channel 4 banging on their door demanding Rckt give the TV station a lift.

But Rckt is just one firm among many in this city that deserve the limelight on a special night like last night, and as the new Editor of The Star I am determined to sniff out the Rckts of this world and help to put them under the noses of prospective clients via our newspapers, magazines, websites and apps.

This partnership with the Chamber of Commerce can only be a good thing.

Future partnerships with the likes of Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership can only be a good thing.

I am determined to help this city prosper, and look forward to an even bigger, better and more brilliant set of awards in 2014.