Opinion: A firm to be proud of

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Made in Sheffield are words that still carry great prestige anywhere in the world as a sign of quality.

However, ‘Marked in Sheffield’ are the reason why city firm Pryor Marking Technology are such a success more than 165 years after they began business in a courtyard off West Street. The company’s profile in today’s Business Weekly supplement is a must-read for everyone who has pride in Sheffield.

It’s also a perfect case study of how a business can continually reinvent itself to stay ahead of its competitors and embrace changes in technology to provide new services.

Now based on Egerton Street the company has remained true to its roots and still offers the same form of engraving it did when marking cutlery.

But what is most impressive is how Pryor’s have adjusted to its market. In an age when globalisation has made it difficult to compete, their story is a lesson to us all that quality and reliability are still the hallmark of a successful company rather than simply offering the lowest price.

It is perhaps fitting that Pryor’s scooped top prize in the Made in Sheffield Awards Innovation category earlier this month.

There are many companies in Sheffield to be proud of and we’re pleased to be able to keep telling their stories.