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No shame in seeing a GP

Men are notorious for being too scared to see their doctor if they are worried about their health - until sometimes it is far too late. Whether it be fear or misplaced machismo, this newspaper regularly exhorts menfolk to see their GP if they have any concerns. And, thankfully, that is what Trevor Sherburn did after feeling under the weather for an unusually long time. He eventually went to his GP, and was soon diagnosed with an enormous bulge in a vital blood vessel that could have ruptured at any time, with potentially fatal consequences. The message is the same, time and time again. A trip in time to see a medic could well save your life. There is nothing manly about grinning and bearing it - especially when it could end up with people having to care for you because the illness was not treated in time.

Shaun is a knockout

Most people undertake charity fundraising stunts that have an element of fun or endurance about them. So take a bow Shaun Hill, who is going to step into a boxing ring with an unknown opponent for the first competitive fight of his life. Shaun is not a total stranger to boxing, as he coaches youngsters and takes great pride in helping them use the sport to win their own ‘personal battles’. But now the hospital porter has decided to throw some punches himself to raise money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital’s Make it Better appeal. The courage of the man is underlined when he says: “Every time I get punched I will just think of one of the poorly children and it will make me pick myself up and carry on.” We respect you, Shaun - and hope your fundraiser is a massive success.

Sick attack

Once again a pensioner has been attacked for the paltry amount of a bag of groceries. John Hardcastle thanks his lucky stars he is still alive. It is a sad fact that the most vulnerable are being targeted.