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This should be open book

Our libraries are an emotive issue, and understandably so. Historically, they have been a way for the ordinary person to have access to that most precious of things – information. 
The world is changing, and the way in which we ‘consume’ information has changed as we have TV, the internet, E-readers, smart phones and so on. 
But we should not underestimate the continuing importance of books and libraries to society. And that’s why it seems to make no sense for the authorities to be secretive about their intentions, plans and discussions about the future of our libraries. 
The very idea of a library is interwoven with sharing information, so it doesn’t seem right to keep those who care about them in the dark.

Farewell to the cat lady

This city seems to produce more than its fair share of colourful characters – and with the death of Jackie Longley we have certainly lost one of those. 
Jackie dedicated her life to the Cat Abuse Treatment Society and won many admirers for her efforts. It is people like Jackie who help make the rich tapestry of a city that little bit more interesting. 
She will be missed by the many who encountered her good work and by Sheffield itself. 
Jackie’s life work will have improved the lives of countless suffering animals – and that’s as fine, caring and decent a legacy as most people could hope for.

Hall is a treasure

Most people will know the exterior of Sheffield’s Cutlers’ Hall well. 
But the stainless steel doors stand impressively guarding the treasures that lie inside. And so it is fascinating to be invited in by the Mistress Cutler. 
Sheffield is rightly proud of its heritage. And Cutlers’ Hall is both a part of that history, and a fine custodian of it. So next time you walk past the shiny doorway, think about the rich history contained within and feel proud to be a Sheffielder.