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Get behind lunch clubs

Sheffield’s ‘lunch clubs’ provide a vital service for some of our elderly residents - in some cases they offer a real lifeline. Sometimes, for the older people in our society loneliness can be a real problem - and having the chance to meet people for a couple of hours can make all the difference. Sheffield currently has a lunch club network to be proud of, but that could change if more people don’t come forward to help. Lunch clubs, like so many vital services, rely on volunteers in order to survive. The flow of those volunteers seems to be drying up and as a result some have closed - with others under threat of following. So could you give some of your time to help them out? If so you can call 0114 253 6698 to find out more.

So sad for Maureen

How sickening to learn that the widow of church organist Alan Greaves was assaulted just days before having to go through the ordeal of a court trial that would bring back such harrowing memories for her. Anyone with a heart would have been saddened to read about Maureen being struck after someone tried to take her bag. It’s not a very good reflection on society - or on the city of Sheffield.

A goodwill transplant

What a great event the Transplant Games turned out to be for the city. Culminating in the Star’s Donor Run on Saturday and the athletics event of yesterday. It was inspiring to see the success of those who have been through transplants in the past. And equally it was gladdening to see the involvement of those who took part in our Donor Run - to raise the profile of being a donor and to encourage people to consider being one. It would be great to see the games return to Sheffield in the future.