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No excuses for attacks

Traffic warden may not be the most popular job but we should all be ashamed to learn that attacks on them have doubled over the last two years. That is not just verbal abuse but also physical attacks. Union officials say wardens are subject to attacks on a ‘daily basis’ and most incidents go unreported. Anyone who has ever had a parking ticket slapped on their windscreen may know how annoying it is but, let’s be honest, if you park properly then you don’t get fined. It is that simple. And no matter what their job, everybody is entitled to go about it without worrying where the next mouthful of abuse or clenched fist might appear.

We all have to pay taxes

What a monumental effort to send summonses out to 7,611 people owing a total of £2.05 million in Council Tax. A special court session was held on Friday in a bid to get the minority who have not paid to cough up. It may not be a huge surprise that just 688 people actually answered their summons and turned up - but the message is clear, we all have to pay and, if you don’t, then you will be taken to court. And for those who didn’t bother, there’ll be a knock on your door soon no doubt. Whether you want to pay or not is a completely different argument and we should all be supporting the council’s efforts to claim back from those who owe.

Bin deal is good news

Sheffield binmen have accepted a pay deal – so we won’t have to face a strike which could have left thousands of bins unemptied. The 200 staff had voted in favour of work-to-rule after Sheffield Council contractor Veolia failed to meet initial pay rise demands. But after talks with mediation service ACAS, Veolia made a revised offer of 2.5 per cent this year and a further 2.5 per cent next year - so we can all breathe a sigh of relief.