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Keep safe to enjoy hols

Today The Star is launching a campaign urging children to play safely during the school summer holidays. It may sound like commonsense but the shocking facts are that there has been a 10 per cent rise in the number of children trespassing on the railways in a year and the emergency services are regularly called to help youngsters who get into trouble while swimming in open water. Unless we all do our bit to stop such dangerous activities it is only a matter of time until a really serious accident happens. Let’s not wait until it is too late.

Tax dodgers must pay up

Almost £9 million of Council Tax is missing in Sheffield. That is thousands of people who haven’t put their hand in their pockets - making us joint 10th in the country’s league of shame for not paying up. Times are tough and few of us have money to spare but why should some of us get away with not contributing? It is time for the council to get tough and take whatever action is necessary to get back our unpaid millions. If that means court action then so be it. The vast majority of us meet our bills no matter what and as a city we need to send out a clear message that the minority - in this case less than five per cent - will not be allowed to shirk their responsibilities.

Life is truly a city beach

Seaside slap bang in the middle of the Steel City. A great idea and brilliant fun for families from every corner of Sheffield. Sheffield by the Sea is back and will no doubt be just as popular as always. Organisers say this year’s will be bigger and better than ever as The Moor, Fargate, Barker’s Pool and the Peace Gardens are transformed into a holiday haven. Sand, water and - fingers crossed - sunshine on your doorstep without having to pay a penny. Staycation anyone?