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Home sweet new home

For most people the pulling down of properties on their street would be a sad thing. And the crowds watching in Eckington on Monday acknowledged that knocking down the Tarran homes is the ‘end of an era’. Some even wiped away a tear. But these post-war properties – notoriously cold in winter – are made of concrete panels and have probably lasted much longer than they were ever expected to. Residents have been heavily involved with the design of their new homes, which will replace the bungalows as the first North East Derbyshire District Council homes in a generation. History groups are also hoping to preserve two of the structures to create living museums. So the heritage will remain but residents will be able to look out on it from their new, modern, and hopefully toasty warm properties.

Janet is a class act

Today we bid a fond farewell to Janet Hamilton a woman who has given more than 20 years sterling service to Reignhead Primary School. During her time as head Janet has helped thousands of children take those all-important first steps towards academic success. But more than that she has become a valued and trusted part of what has always been a tightly-knit community. Now Janet is stepping aside to devote a little more time to her family. But she will still be around to offer assistance and the benefit of her experience and expertise whenever it may be required. We wish her well.

An amazing adventure

You have been quick to congratulate the Royal couple on the safe arrival of their son. It gives them a moment to treasure and they now embark on the incredible experience of being parents. The challenge for them is to do this in the full glare of huge publicity. We wish them good luck as they set out on life’s most amazing adventure.