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History in the making

This city’s rich history continues to fascinate us so we are pleased to report that some of its long lost shopping treasures are set to resurface as part of a new museums initiative. The most popular elements of the Traditional Heritage Museum, which closed in 2011, are being moved to Manor Lodge in a new three- year project. The plan is to create an old Sheffield shopping street to tell the story of the late-Victorian Manor Castle Village. It sounds exciting and could give us something to match the street scene at York’s Castle museum. At the same time, we should not forget the volunteers who have helped make this possible. They saved the original material from destruction so that complete shops can be moved to Manor Lodge. Let us hope this plan can be executed to give the city another excellent attraction.

community comes good

Never doubt the determination of Sheffielders, especially when they’re up against the odds. Stocksbridge Tennis Club members are a great example of this. They feared the club could close because of its courts’ condition and needed a fortune to fund the work. But the members kept going with their fundraising efforts and despite never getting any major grants they managed to hit £45,000 and won the day. Now, they are holding a celebration to unveil the new facilities, giving everyone a chance to join in the fun. What a great example of how a community can pull together and achieve its ambitions.

talk more

The prospect of binmen working to rule is not one we relish. While we understand their grievance at what seems a poor pay offer, we do not agree with their action. In any dispute, there is always room for negotiation and we do not believe every avenue has been explored in this instance. So in this case let’s have more talk and less action.