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With banks being regularly criticised for failing to lend to British businesses, it’s good to hear that local companies are still able to get support for their plans from understanding lenders. Not only that, but when Sheffield-based industrial supplies business, RSH Group, sought funding it found a bank that was prepared to take the time to understand the business and what it was hoping to achieve. There is, undoubtedly, a shortage of funding and increased caution among lenders, but it is heartening to see that there are bankers willing to listen to companies with solid business plans and ambition. With optimism increasing among manufacturers and signs that our biggest export market, Continental Europe, is improving, that is just the sort of good news that we need.x

club’s leap of faith

Cloth caps are being replaced by men of the cloth at one Barnsley Working Men’s Club. The tiny village of Jump has become the first place in the world to boast a WMC Chaplain. And Rev Martijin Mugge, who was born in Holland, doesn’t need Dutch Courage to enter his unlikely Chaplaincy. Rev Mugge has been given a warm welcome to go with a very decent pint. So it’s cheers and bottoms up to many more clubs following Jumps lead by taking a leap of faith and appointing a chaplain.

luke is man of steel

The world needs more superheroes and we’ve got one in the shape of Sheffield’s own Man Of Steel Luke Junior. He bought a £500 replica Superman suit to do good deeds for charity, raising money to help children with cancer and to help provide a new skate park. And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s now gone and made a citizen’s arrest while wearing it. Power to your underpants Luke.