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Get tough on shirkers

We are pleased to see those who shirk their council tax payments being brought before the courts. Thousands have fallen behind with payments and it is important that they should be held to account. The vast majority of us do pay and it is unfair that we should carry the burden of those who don’t. So we think it is right to warn shirkers, some of whom have not being paying for years, that they will face jail unless they fall in line. This tough approach is necessary because there is £33million unpaid tax in this city. That is just not acceptable so we hope the council continues to prosecute those who let us down and the courts continue to send out a message that payment is the only option.

Arena must get it right

Sheffield Arena has been packing in the crowds now for well over two decades – and is more than ready for the multimillion pound facelift that is now getting under way. But there are important commercial imperatives for the project – as the Leeds Arena opens its doors for the first time later this month. Fears that the Leeds venue could lure away the biggest names already seem to have foundation, with Bruce Springsteen and Elton John among the early bookings. So Sheffield needs to get it right – and as it’s already a better hall than the larger cavernous venues in Manchester and Birmingham, there’s plenty to build on. Since 1991 Sheffielders have become used to seeing the biggest superstars on their doorsteps – it’s vital that things stay that way.

Loving the summer

You are the stars again as today we launch another excellent addition to your Star. Your Summer Of Love is written by you to tell us what you are doing this summer. There are some great offers too, so why not join in the fun and enjoy your Summer Of Love.