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Help boost city trade

We have a great city centre, now come and visit it. That is the call to shoppers in a campaign which aims to encourage shoppers and visitors into the centre of Sheffield during the summer. It’s not just words, there will be activities and entertainments to run until the end of September, which is just the sort of initiative needed to help traders. It ties in with our Summer of Love drive to help local businesses back on their feet by encouraging residents to spend locally. This is not an idle dream as anyone who has enjoyed Tramlines will tell you. If we can sustain the success of these events, we will have a city centre to be proud of.

Reasons to get cycling

A campaign to promote cycling in Sheffield is worth supporting because it serves two purposes. If more people were to get on their bikes, they would be fitter and our roads would be less congested. To do this, cyclists need practical support and this latest campaign offers just that. There will be free bike maintenance, themed cycle trips and safety training. And for those motorists who won’t or can’t leave their cars, training is being offered for travelling safely around on bikes. It is all in the wake of Sheffield’s inclusion in the Grand Départ stage of next year’s Tour de France. And if that doesn’t get us cycling, nothing will.

Community wins again

It’s a great moment when a community comes together to celebrate and a Sheffield school’s annual summer fair proved to be such an occasion. The fair at Firth Park Community Arts College was bigger and better than ever thanks to hard work from the school’s Friends group. It is the college’s main fundraising event of the year and its success shows how everyone benefits when a community pulls together and is determined to get a result which benefits them all.